Beef intestines

In addition to the pig intestines and other premium products we offer are homemade and the meat used is marhabeleket , of which high- smoked salami and other cured can be created .

Our products :

  • These thin and thick beef casings are available in several packages : Polystyrene plastic bag or jar .
  • The beef casings are available in 10 and 20 -meters lengths in our store .
  • Salted , cleaned , fat -free.
  • The beef intestine or liver sausage can be made perfect .
  • Excellent choice for parboiling and smoking .
  • The colon is mainly beef salami and liver preparation is recommended.
  • Charging tight and air tight line we offer .
  • Prior to use, we recommend hand in warm water soak for at least half an hour.
  • The beef small intestine and colon is different kaliberekkel our company can be found at :
Small Intestine Colon
35-40 40-45
40-43 45-50
43-46 50-55
Above 46 mm 55-60
Above 60 mm

Why should we choose our company ?

  • Premium product for each raw material
  • The beef-, -pork, sheep intestines and pork culan we put on the market are purified , sterile , professionally packaged . Our products all meet public health requirements .
  • The products are intact ! It does not allow the hole or weakened commodity !
  • They do not contain any impurities nor microorganisms.
  • Our products contain no chemicals !

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