Natural intestines meat processing

The County Tenderloin Kft . Welcomes those customers who want to use our gut premium quality meat processing.

Pork intestines:

Our offer can be found in the pig small intestine , which are especially recommended for baking sausage and dry sausage making , even in the thick pork intestine sausage is excellent and the sausages. We found the pig cecum , which made ​​head cheese . The pig is a special Culan products , as anatomically Kula in the last phase of the colon (about 1.5 meters) – this part of the hog is particularly suitable for filling salami .

Beef intestines:

The beef small intestine is very versatile , it can be used , especially liver , crinoline , and the loop of szafaládéhoz recommend colon while the salamis , sausages and liver can be created . The beef is made ​​from the ceca pig likes cheese .

Sheep intestines:

The sheep intestinese is a more sensitive and specific second type belong to the intestines. Thinner, more fragile , more sensitive . That is why we recommend to grill sausage and frankfurter making .

Why you should buy from us ?

  • Each purified material prepared by us and meet public health requirements .
  • We treated intestines for holes , damaged, they weakened.
  • In several caliber.
  • Various lengths are available .
  • The materials do not contain any chemicals and other contaminants (bacteria, microbes ) .
  • All we sell a maximum of bowel cleaned, salted, tallow and slime- free .

Call us and we are the best , most natural ingredients to offer you!