Other artificial casings

Our main beef and pork , the , sheep and optimal processing and sale is considered , however, in addition to our wide range of natural casings from different materials (textiles , cellulose, collagen) is made ​​of intestines .

JászBél sells the following types of artificial casings:

  • The cellulosic casings such as fibrous or Noyax a highly resistant , highly charged material point therefore can smoke, and print. Suitable for manual and automatic filling machines as well. The fibrous pulp is a very special , as required for the production of cellulose impregnated paper . Biggest positive is to get a strong -walled , high smoke and water vapor permeability . Especially recommended for dry and semi-dry cooked sausages. Can be printed on demand , rolls and raffolt finishings can be prepared .
  • The collagen casings pork and / or beef collagen prepared by the processing . It is used mainly for grilled and sausage products . We offer an open and a closed end , and a variety of colors.
  • To the saveloys and crinolines is recommend CRE – intestines to digest – and CRA -L – can not be digested intestines.
  • The collagen films used in industrial ham
  • The textile casings are hand stitched and have a rich assortment of shapes and colors (caramel , transparent, pink) .

The casings do not pose any additional problems during filling , behave the same way as natural casings .

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