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Pork Stomach, Pork Culan

SertésgyomorPork Culan
SertésgyomorThe pork small intestine and colon addition , we offer pork stomach , these are mainly pork cheese , cheeses , language, or products made with love to spend .
The treatment for our customers and offer salted according to pork stomach . We prepared pork stomach and slime -free , holes and layers of fat no !
The preparation really special and delicate task , since cleaning the pig stomach is essential and time-consuming task.

Why you should choose us ?


  • For each material to be supplied by us – whether it’s beef, pork , juhbélről , pork or pork stomach cularéról – cleaned, as they have to meet public health requirements
  • The products can be neither holes nor weakened.
  • They can not contain chemicals or contaminants.

The main aim of our company is to provide all of our activities in Hungary and the neighboring countries is needed in the domestic pig ingredients , natural casings . The population is helping that part of whom fashion is still a pig , since this is a key moment to satisfactory quality casings are used.

In addition, we try to give the best quality natural materials also those who work in the meat industry .

Any questions, feel free to contact us in person , by telephone (+36 20 / 223-63-62 ) or email ( sandor.jaszbel@invitel.hu , vicky.jaszbel@invitel.hu ) !

Our main include pork small and large intestines sale , amikből great sausages and chitterlings be created , and is in addition also sell pork cecum .
The small and large cattle meat Use of at least as important as the pork intestines of the pig house .
Of course, not only these , known to all the materials we offer , but also sell special products . Stomach such as porks and porks Culan .
The pigs are anatomically Culan last stage of the colon As is the rectum. That’s about the last 1.5 meters makes up the colon . Porcine Culan salami particularly suitable filling, however, specific use , as Culan easily crack and lasting only remains taut when it is filled .

Our pork Culan:

  • Our products are of high quality , cleaned , salted , punched and blood -free.
  • Their color can vary : a pinkish or greenish gray , and white.
  • In terms of its size vary, approximately 1 meter in length.

The pork Culan is recommended for all connoisseurs!

If these products have attracted special attention , feel free to contact us at +36 20 Up / 223-63-62 – phone number or contact the sandor.jaszbel@invitel.hu vicky.jaszbel@invitel.hu Or e- mail address!