Pig intestines for homemade pork cuts

Sertes vekonybel lakossagiToday is a very high popularity of the pig , the country ‘s largest fashion and traditions are . The pig through various , tasty , authentic Hungarian delicacies and delights are made . Black pudding , white puddings , meat sausage , head cheese , thick sausage, dry sausage, sausage stew , and even worthy of mention are a variety of delicacies that are on the table. For existing customers and future customers – those who wish to prepare their own meals – happy to offer a premium quality pig intestines for homemade pork cuts .

We processed pig intestines of the pig :

  • Polystyrene plastic bag or jar stored nice offer to our customers , 10 and 20 -foot containers .
  • Different caliber pig intestines are dear our customers’ disposal – 26-30 mm , 30-32 mm , 32-34 mm , 34-36 mm , 38-40 mm.
  • We offer pork ceca , small and vastagbeleket both of which can be created for various sausages , salamis and sausages as well.
  • All our products are cleaned and salted , and slime-free .
  • The pig intestine wall we offer , we offer you maximum clean and pyloric -free, ready to charge .
  • The pig intestines color can be white, pink, light gray or light brown.
  • Soaking We recommend at least half an hour , hand -hot water.

Our goal is to facilitate our activities and their job, who are seeking natural raw materials for the domestic pig .

Please kindly interested note that not only offer natural homemade pig intestines , but both meat processing.

Feel free to contact us , we can help you !