Sheep intestines

The pork and beef loin by the sheep is a very important product to our store . The sheep small intestine is mainly indicated for the preparation of hot dogs and grilled sausages .

The products :

  • 200-JuhbelThe Sheep intestines diameters much smaller than the pig or beef intestines . The Sheep intestines are 14-28 mm caliber , we offer you
  • In any case, cleaned and salted offer , polystyrene, plastic bags or jars .
  • Use of highly sensitive , easily torn , so dear to draw the attention of our customers to carefully manage the charging juhbelet .
  • The Sheep intestines are chemicals and contamination -free .
  • Our products all meet public health requirements .
  • Before the charge , we recommend 30C soaked in water for at least half an hour .

Our company offers products – be it sheep, beef or pork intestines, you will not find in ordinary store shelves .

However, our felhozatalunkból you can choose from and you can be sure is that the natural beleinkből brings you the best quality and healthy sausage, sausage , pork cheese can prepare yourself . Both domestic pig , as well as meat processing , we offer premium quality juhbeleket .

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